Tournament Rules

1. This is a boat tournament.

2. Boats must register before 5:00 pm prior to the first day of eligibility in the tournament.

3. All fish must be brought to the weigh station at Harbor Docks on the same day fish is caught, and by the same boat on which fish is caught. Fish weighed in at other weigh stations may be brought by any means necessary, but must be on the same day the fish is caught.

4. FAD Rules

a. The use of illegal fish aggregating devices 
(hereinafter called “FADs”) is strictly prohibited during the Cobia World Championships. For tournament purposes, FADs will be defined as any permanent or non permanent structure or device that is deployed into the Gulf of Mexico for the purpose of attracting fish to its location that has not met proper United States Coast Guard and/or Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission guidelines. Participating vessels and/or individuals found to have participated in the deploy- ment of, assisted in deployment of, and/or acquisition of coordinates of previously deployed FADs from any source in 2017 will be disqualified from the Cobia World Championships pending results of a polygraph test. The captain/owner of each registered vessel must sign the FAD Rules Acknowledgment Waiver accompanied with the Official Tournament Entry Form to be eligible to participate in the Cobia World Championships.
b. Any cobia knowingly or intentionally found, hooked, and/or caught on or near a FAD will not be eli- gible to be weighed in the Cobia World Championships. If in the course of traditional cobia sight fishing a cobia on or near a FAD is found, hooked, and/or caught that cobia will not be eligible to be weighed in the Cobia World Championships, unless it is determined that there was at no point any knowledge of said FAD. Participating vessels and/or individuals found to have knowingly caught and weighed any cobia on or near a FAD will be disqualified from the Cobia World Championships, pending results of a polygraph test.

5. Intentionally snagging or foul hooking cobia is strictly prohibited. Any cobia determined to have been inten- tionally snagged or foul hooked will be disqualified.

6. Fish caught on Stand Up Paddleboards may be brought to the scales via boat, truck, or other vehicle. The Stand Up Paddleboard used to land the fish must be brought to the scales as well.

7. All fish must be caught on rod and reel.

8. All fish must be a minimum of forty five (45) pounds for weigh-in eligibility in all divisions.

9. Cobia World Championships is open to all anglers.

10. Junior World Championships division is open to anglers thirteen (13) years old or younger on the date the fish is caught.

11. Ladies World Championships division is open to all women anglers.

12. Fish may only be entered in one division.

13. The Tag & Release World Championships will be awarded to the boat that turns in the most tag completed tag cards by the closing of the final weigh in. All tag cards turned in will be entered into the Tag Card Raffle.

14. To be eligible for the 29’ and Under World Championships, boats must have a LOA of 29’ or under as specified by the manufacturer.

15. Stand Up Paddleboards may only be launched by land or by a dock attached to land.

16. Qualifying fish for the Bote Stand Up Paddleboard World Championships must be hooked, played to exhaustion, and landed on a Stand Up Paddleboard without the aid of a boat, land, or person on another paddleboard.
(example: Fish may not be hooked from a boat or beach and fought and landed on paddleboard or hooked on a paddleboard and fought and landed from a boat or beach.

17. All entries in the Fly Fishing World Championships division must abide by all IGFA rules for fly fishing.

18. All fish may be subject to be drawn and washed for inspection after weighing with the exclusion of potential world records.

19. Prize winning fish shall be the largest by weight. In the event of a tie, the first fish recorded shall be the winner.

20. Weighing and recording of a fish must take place at one of the four official weigh stations.

21. The weigh stations will be open daily from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm sharp, except where noted.

22. Weigh-ins will be accepted at Outcast Bait and Tackle in Pensacola, Zeke’s Marina in Orange Beach, AL and Anderson’s Seafood in Panama City for the duration of the Cobia World Championships.

23. All tagged Cobia must be a minimum of 24 inches.

24. Weigh master reserves the right to disallow any fish on the basis of altered weight or if the fish has spoiled, been mutilated, frozen or appears to have been frozen.

26. Boats must be recognized by the weigh master in order to be accepted as in on time.

27. Any protest must be made in writing within 24 hours from when the potential issue occurred and be accom- panied by a $500 cash deposit. If protest is upheld, the deposit will be refunded. If the protest proves invalid, the deposit will be forfeited.

28. Decision of the tournament committee is final. Violation of tournament rules will subject the vessel, captain, and/or angler to disqualification. In the event of disqualification, tournament entry fees will be forfeited.

29. Any or all prize winners and contestants may be subject to polygraph test. In the case of a failed polygraph test, participants will be disqualified from the Cobia World Championships.

30. All prize monies MUST be accepted and picked up by 6:00 pm May 31, 2017 at Harbor Docks office. At 6:01 pm on May 31, 2017 any remaining monies will be forfeited and donated to the annual Take-A-Kid Fishing Day.

31. All rules are subject to change. Any rule changes will be announced at Captains’ Meeting on March 24, 2017.

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